Welcome!  We are Madesen Medical Billing Service and we are here to meet the needs of healthcare Providers for electronic medical billing and reimbursement! We are dedicated to your individual practice to make you confident with the services you receive; you will never be "just" another client to us!  Our personal experiences allow us to handle any medical specialty! A great way to get to know what we are up to on a regular basis is to read the "updates" tab; it's our little blurb page to our clients to let them know about the classes we take, the changes in the billing world and anything that is of general interest to them as providers!

We are Certified Medical Billing and Reimbursement Specialists and Certified HIPAA compliant and proud, certified members of the AAPC; dedicated to maintaining their strict high standards of ethics and coding. We can utilize any electronic medical software with an accuracy rating of 98% on claim submissions to insurance companies nationwide. Typically, you will receive your remittance within 5 - 14 days!

We accept large and small practices, but specialize in bringing small practices up to par with the current requirements set by the AMA. These practices tend to need the most help as they are usually on the tightest budgets and need the most practical help. We have found small practices feeling they may be forced to close their practices because they just did not know how to fulfill these daunting requirements; and the large, corporate billing services are just too far out of their price range! We can and will get your practice where you need to be; and you will be making more money than spending!

Is your practice feeling the crunch-time pressure of the upcoming mandates of ICD-10, CPT-2014, DCM-5 and EMR/EHR? We can ease you smoothly into transition as we have studied, attended conferences and workshops and even participated in "bootcamps" (yep, they are as tough as they sound!). But, all of this is worth it; knowing we are better prepared to serve our current and future clients!

We offer a full a la carte menu of services to assist you in every aspect of your office needs: from insurance eligibility and verification to soft collections on patients accounts. We take your claim filing very seriously and will thoroughly process each submission to assure you receive every dime you have earned. You've worked hard to make your practice the best it can be; now let us boost your A/R to meet your highest expectations! Call us today, email (MadesenMBS@aol.com) or submit a request form for your no-cost, no-obligation analysis to see just how much Madesen Medical Billing can offer you! We won't settle for just a satisfied client - we want clients who are amazed!